Saturday, April 3, 2010

Trouble lies ahead.

When the Arrogant One looks out from behind his teleprompter, all his mind processes is a view of a room full of uninformed dunces, who just need his wisdom.

Honestly, he is a sad man. So full of potential yet how many times have we seen folks who have all the potential in the world but who think they know it all. When you think you know it all and you stop learning, then trouble lies ahead.


  1. True so true..and why would anyone want to never open their mind to learn new things that is what keeps life long as I don't have to think for too long because if I do I get a headache

  2. The only thing Obama is good at is self-promotion. That becomes more painfully evident every day.

  3. Sadly -- correct! RightKlik is correct too, self promotion. Obama isn't thinking about our country at all. He could care less!


  4. Trouble does lie ahead for those who plagiarize. You stole your post from the Gay Patriot's blog:

    Comment #2 by Nebraska Patriot

  5. Sleuth is so scary, isn't he?

    He's ridiculous.