Saturday, March 6, 2010

Keep to the Facts!

Okay, fact is Obama has surrounded himself with people like the self avowed communist Van Jones, Anita Dunn and Valerie Jarrett who believe that Chairman Mao was the cat's meow in fact they even put a Christmas ornament with this picture on their Christmas tree, people like Hugo Chavez and Castro are right in line with their ideology. From the time Obama was a little boy he has been surrounded by people who hate everything that America ever stood for especially the founding principles, people like Mark Davis Wilson his boyhood mentor and radical criminals bombers like Bill Ayers and his outfit, racist preacher Rev. Wright etc. etc. etc.

Marxism was revolutionary but this pack of radicals are progressives their approach is more evolutionary but the goal is still the same they just take different routes to get there.

I'm sorry but the Facts are the Facts!

Another fact, the American people didn't know anything about this guy when they voted for him the media failed miserably in objectively vetting this guy but instead became his cheer leading squad and the result was the American people got a warm and fuzzy relief from their self perceived white guilt being totally taken in by a charismatic empty suit with promises of hope and change that were never explicit so they bought a pig in a poke and the Marxist to boot.

They're spending millions to keep Obama's records secret, why? The short answer is there is something there they don't want the people to know, but if you got in your car one morning and it smelled like rotten fish would you keep driving or look under the seat?

Michelle Obama was never proud of America until her husband won his candidacy for President. This places her square in the Blame America First crowd. She also makes vague references to "hope" and "change" and "moving in that direction" and unifying around certain issues.

Rev. Jeremiah Wright, the President's pastor for 20 years, whose disdain for America, or at least certain parts of it , calling her all the disgusting things that he did!Wright also slammed Hillary Clinton, categorizing her as a "rich white person" who "ain't never been called a n-----" . Further, he reveals his disappointment but not his surprise at the President's refusal to speak with him, blaming "them Jews" for this decision.
Bottom line: Wright connects racism, antisemitism, and hatred for America with the President.


  1. You've got some excellent points here.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog. Come often!

  2. Ditto...oh, except you haven't come by mine :-)
    I guess 'ditto' that I've liked your comments elsewhere and came here because of that..
    Good luck with your new blog.Z

  3. Yeah, we knew about ALL of this stuff prior to the election, but back then (in the good ol' days) it didn't seem to matter.

    Now it matters more than ever.

  4. A willful suspension of reality on the national level is what elected this inexperience, unknown man. I hope we've learned our lesson.

  5. Don't forget David Axelrod and Rahm Emmanuel, who are the hands inside Obama's puppet head.

    The saddest realization is that Obama is by himself and on his own obviously too stupid to even come up with the imbecilic things he reads off of a teleprompter.

  6. re... people like the self avowed communist Van Jones

    It appears from reports that I read that Jones was a communist in his younger years in the 1990s. He was, before moving into Obama's administration, an advocate of several capitalism-based solutions for building a stronger economy, especially in ways that include "the least of these" and that aren't harmful for God's creation.

    It sounds like he's no longer a communist, so calling him "a self avowed communist" seems misleading. He was ONCE a communist but is no longer. Further, he was a peaceful communist who appeared dedicated to democratic changes that would empower the poor and reduce injustice.

    God bless him for such a strong, brave heart and compassion for the least of these. May he continue to walk in Jesus' steps.

  7. Facts ARE important. We could all do well to redouble our efforts to be factual, not demonizing. Especially when it comes to representing those with whom we disagree. It only hurts our cause if we bear false witness or otherwise slander or misrepresent someone.

    I'm sure we could all agree with this.